We only run in-house workshops so we can tailor each one to our clients needs, people and culture. Below is a list of some the workshops we've run over the years...

Our list of one and two-day workshops

Self belief

  • Self confidence through self coaching
  • Knowing your values for better decision making
  • How to develop greater self confidence
  • Discover your shadow side
  • Saying NO! Assertiveness training

Energy & focus

  • Getting things done - time management 
  • Playing to your strengths - a strengths-based approach to management
  • Energy-saving problem solving
  • Creative problem solving
  • It’s all my fault - taking personal responsibility
  • De-stress & relax
  • A boost for your energy levels
  • Overcome procrastination – create momentum
  • Creating great goals
  • Creating your life plan
  • Handling change

Personal branding & impact

  • Personal impact – packaging and positioning your personal brand
  • How to tell a good story
  • Learn a new skill – quickly
  • Powerful presentations

Relationships & communication

  • A coach's starter kit 
  • Listen till your ears squeak
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Overcoming resistance 
  • Influencing tips
  • Negotiation
  • Body language
  • Using values to motivate others
  • Successful performance appraisals
  • Developing resilience
  • Networking
  • Empathy
  • Rapport building
  • Precision questioning 
  • Delegate using, offers, requests and promises

Personal effectiveness & leadership

  • Creating your vision
  • Creating great teams 
  • Engaging your team
  • Developing your very own authentic leadership style
  • Supporting people through change
  • Sharing bad news
  • Giving (and receiving!) feedback
  • Great delegation
  • Conducting effective meetings

Why use Lequin's training?

Practical, innovative and fun, our full day and multi-day courses combines a range of brilliant new and traditional training ideas to boost motivation and performance, deliver lasting change, and ultimately, increase profits. 

Coaching-style training for lasting change and ownership: Our training courses are not lectures – they’re interactive and encourage participation through questioning, group work and practical exercises. This approach helps your people take ownership, learn faster, and apply new skills straight away.

Reassuringly experienced coach-trainers (with impressive business backgrounds).  All Lequin trainers have:

  • at least 10 years’ corporate experience
  • at least 7 years’ training and executive coaching delivery experience
  • outstanding presentation skills, huge energy and a great sense of humour  

Cooking courses just for you
We’re highly flexible. If you want to tweak our course content we’ll mix all the ingredients so it’s right for your organisation.      

Best-practice, up-to-date course content
All our course content provides a solid foundation in the tried-and-tested together with the latest in leadership development thinking. It’s a combination that ensures your people are up-to-speed in today’s ever-changing market place, and have that elusive extra edge.

Expert training-needs analysis
By asking the right questions, and through our robust profiling tools, we’ll give you a clear picture of an individual’s and your organisation’s training needs.

Actively measuring results
After a Lequin Training course, we can measure a leader’s improved performance through various feedback and performance-measurement tools such as interviews and 360s. It gives you peace of mind that your training budget’s being well spent.

Global reach
From Hong Kong to New York, Bath to Bristol, London and the UK to Europe, Brussels to Bangalore, we’ve over 50 coach-trainers and executive coaches around the world ready to deliver wherever you are.