We only run in-house workshops so we can tailor each one to our clients needs, people and culture. Below is a list of some the workshops we've run over the years...

We use a coaching-style approach to our training to we ensure participants are engaged - we don't talk at people, we challenge them and encourage group discussions to create insight and share learning. And we make sure it's practical - so people can apply the skills back in the office the very next day.

Peter Willis, co-founder and MD, Lequin Leadership Development

Our list of one & two-day training workshops

Self belief

  • Self Confidence through Self Coaching
  • How to Identify your Values for better decision-making
  • How to Develop Greater Self Esteem
  • Saying NO! How to be more Assertive

Energy & focus

  • Getting Things Done: time management
  • Playing to Your Strengths: a strengths-based approach to performance
  • Career Management: how to take back control of your career 
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • How to Survive in a VUCA world
  • How to de-stress yourself & your team: Stress Management & Resilience

Personal branding & impact

  • How to develop your Personal Brand
  • How to deliver Powerful Presentations

Relationships & communication

  • A coach's starter kit 
  • How to have Difficult Conversations
  • How to Resolve Conflicts
  • How to Influence Stakeholders & Network
  • How to Negotiate like the Pros
  • Successful Performance Management
  • Inter-cultural Understanding
  • How to tackle Unconscious Bias and build Diveristy & Inclusion

Personal effectiveness & leadership

  • How to develop superb Client Management skills
  • Coaching Skills for Managers 
  • How to Create a Compelling Vision
  • How to Lead in a VUCA world
  • How to be an Authentic Leader
  • Supporting people through Change
  • How to give feedback, share bad news & encourage success
  • How & When to Delegate
  • How to conduct Effective Meetings (which people want to attend!)

Advanced coach training for internal coaches

As highly qualified, highly experienced coaches, we specialise in running one day workshops or internal coaches. These workshops build on the core coaching skills developed in their orginal coach certification. Courses include:

  • The Tools, Models & Theory to be an outstanding Career Coach
  • The Psychology of Coaching - projection, transference & countertransference
  • Coaching to Build your Coachee's Confidence & Self Eesteem
  • The Different Types of Coaching - Co-active coaching; Gestalt coaching; Existential coaching; Skills coaching; Executive coaching
  • How to Coach your Coachee through change