We’re exceptional at executive one-to-one coaching and we get results. Our executive coaching helps leaders understand and engage their people and lead with confidence, energy and purpose.

Lequin have worked with Dennis Publishing in London for the last seven years and provided executive coaches for many of our senior managers. Lequin have developed a fantastic ability to not only engage with the individual (whilst prioritising their personal objectives) but also ensure that they're acutely aware of the business needs. This integrated relationship has ensured that our executive coaching investment has delivered a positive result back to the business.

Alison Hunter, HR Director, Dennis Publishing, London HQ

Lequin’s Russian doll model illustrates what quality executive coaching can do…

When people seek out an executive coach they often look to resolve one or two key issues, and we do deliver skills-based coaching. This requires a quality executive coach to peel back the layers and work from the inside out starting at the core, self-esteem.

Self esteem

We work with coachees to help them overcome their fears, develop their vision and values so that they can belief in and be themselves in all situations

Energy & focus

We re-energise and refocus a coachee’s productivity, creativity and motivation.

Personal impact & branding

We help build a coachee’s unique brand – putting them in control of their image and impact.

Relationships & communications

With our executive coaching a coachee’s will increase their emotional intelligence to help them understand, inspire and motivate their team.

Leadership & management

We bring out a coachee’s authentic leadership qualities – empowering the coachee to develop a compelling vision, inspire their teams, create momentum and take bold decisions.

A fine-tuned selection-process to find the world’s best coaches

Since we started out, the number of executive coaches has rocketed and milling around are literally thousands upon thousands of executive coaches of (putting it politely) dubious quality.

Finding outstanding executive coaches requires real expertise – a knowledge of what good coaching actually is and how to sift the poor and mediocre from the quality.

We look for:

  1. at least 7 years’ corporate background with a blue chip organization
  2. at least 5 years’  full-time executive (not life) coaching experience
  3. specialist and extensive executive coach-training from a quality coaching school
  4. extensive executive coaching supervision support
  5. membership of the ICF or EMCC
  6. an approach and executive coaching philosophy that gets results for the client

The last point here is the most difficult to assess. The acid-test for our expert executive coaching-panel is to listen and assess coaches actually coach, and this takes time and resources.

An expert matching process

The ICF and EMCC now recognise that one of the key success factors of an executive coaching programme is the matching process: different people work better with different types of coach. And one of Lequin’s key strengths is our ability to provide a diverse range of specialist executive coaches to enable effective matching with a coachee’s needs.

We match executive coach and coachee using very specific criteria. To find out more about our matching process and how we help you get the best executive coaching in the market, pick up the phone and let’s talk.


We use personality profiling to help identify areas for improvement and define goals. We also encourage clients to use profiles to help measure progress and demonstrate return on investment.

We offer:

  • 360 assessments
  • Motivational Maps
  • True Colors
  • Insights
  • DISC Profile
  • MBTI
  • EQ profiling
  • FIRO B
  • Lequin Polygon Profile
  • Workplace shadowing

Lequin have run profiling for clients in London, Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Paris, Slough, New York, Hong Kong, Bangolore, Singapore, Toyko, Exeter, and throughout Asia, UK and Europe.