We get two pieces of feedback from our clients time and time again... First, we we listen to their needs and we understand their people and culture; and second, our people have excellent business backgrounds and gravitas

Marie Willis, Co-founder and Director of Lequin

Our story

From a small executive coaching and business coaching specialist…

  • Lequin was founded in Bath near Bristol, England in 2003, just when coaching came to the UK from the US. We’d seen the potential of executive coaching in business but saw a gap in the market for a high-quality executive coaches and with an emphasis on measuring results. 
  • In the past decade, executive and business coaching has really taken off and with it the number of executive and business coaches. Yet, in an unregulated industry, there remains very few quality executive coaches and quality coaching companies.
  • While executive coaching can look easy knowing how to find and spot quality executive coaches, train and assess them is both time-consuming and skilful. This is where Lequin’s expertise and experience has helped leading blue chips avoid wasteful mediocre executive coaching to get the required return on executive coaching.   

…To a global award-winning leadership development consultancy (with a coaching led approach)

  • Our reputation has led us to expand internationally and broaden our scope to include consultancy, training and profiling.
  • We now deliver programmes for talent management training, change management training, executive and business coaching, senior and board level leadership training and support, outplacement support, and team development for over 60 global blue chips.

We’ve grown – but not so large that we lost the same ethos and standards that’s created such success.

We’re global

  • With 50 native-speaking experts around the world – from Hong Kong and New York, London to Paris, Bangalore and Amsterdam – we’re sensitive to local cultures.
  • A team of the world’s brightest minds, experienced consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators, Lequin work in businesses to provide the creative space for your leaders and top teams to reflect, to become more aware, to think differently and to change behaviour to excel.

Why our clients love working with us

Clients stay with us for years and years. Here’s why:

We’ve the best people in the market

It’s so hard to find quality people it’s taken us over 19 years to bring together a handful who really know their stuff, are sharp, flexible and get results.

We take the time to understand our clients' issues, people & culture

We take the time to get to the essence of a client’s issues before setting to work. When we go into businesses our clients appreciate the time we spend looking and listening – not only to what’s being said but what’s not being said and done.

We take a partnership approach & tailor everything

Once we understand our client’s needs and issues, we work with them to tailor a programme.

Take a look at our case studies to see how we designed programmes for different needs. 

We believe what gets measured gets done!

We want to make a difference – for the long-term. We’ve designed techniques to ensure progress is applied and embedded.

Our best-practice evaluation tools and processes plant markers against which people know they’re being measured, and that action and change is required of them.

We provide straight-talking practical solutions (no psychobabble or jargon)

The leaders in business we work with want practical help on getting the best from themselves and their people – not impractical academic debate. If and when we use theory in our training we’ll remove the jargon and make it plain and straight-talking.

We provide blended learning through our video workshops

In 2018, we launched Unchainyourbrain.org , our video workshops company to provide leaders and managers with online support and a blended learning option for our clients. 

Here's what people say about us

"Lequin have provided excellent support to us in the design and delivery of interactive workshops, both in the UK, Paris and the Middle East.  They are flexible in adapting to different business needs and cultural nuances, and provide quality consultants who are able to cope expertly with challenging individuals and group dynamics."

Helen Bonelli, HR Development Projects, BNP Paribas, London office

"Working with Lequin Leadership Development, and their executive coaches, consultants and trainers, has led to a substantial improvement in quality and style of management in the business, and improvement in commercial performance."

Robert Price, CEO, Future Publishing, Bath near Bristol, UK

Our charity work