From time to time, we take on executive coaches and trainers. We are currenlty interested in hearing from gestalt and existential coaches.

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Our selection process:

STEP ONE: Prospective executive business coaches / trainers must have the following:

  • at least 7 years’ corporate background with a blue-chip business
  • at least 5 years' full-time executive (not life) coaching or training experience (for coaches, external rather than internal)
  • for executive coaches, specialist execuitve coach training from a long-standing (over 10 years' experience) quality training supplier, such as CTI (Note: we don't tend to take coaches who have coach trained soley on a unviersity course.)
  • for executive coaches, membership of the ICF or EMCC

Lequin is a quality leader in the coaching field, so if you do not meet all the criteria above, we will not consider your application. 

Please fill in our application form if you meet the above criteria. Please note: please take a screen shot once you've completed the form - certain browers have not sumbitted the form and data has been lost. 

STEP TWO: If we can see evidence that your experience, skills and values are aligned with Lequin’s, you’ll then be asked to attend one of our executive coaching or training events so we can see you coach / train.

STEP THREE: If you’re executive coaching / training meets our standards then you’ll be asked for references from previous clients (that you’ve worked for within the past year). 

STEP FOUR: Finally, your delivery and customer service skills will be assessed on a single coaching / training assignment with a Lequin client.

A note on our executive coaching philosophy for prospective executive coaches

Different coaches use different approaches and models. Primarily, we use the Co-Active Coaching model and draw on the Client Centred Therapy of Carl Rogers based on the active collaboration of both the client and coach. We believe that the client has the answers and the job of the executive coach is to listen and empower, rather than inform and advise. Coaching the 'whole person', this provides an opportunity for individuals to let go of limitations and stand in a place of creativity and possibility.