Our team interventions have been described as “important, challenging, and fun” and “impactful” and “purposeful”. We create an environment for the team to hone in on the key things that will really make a difference.

All our team days are tailored to suit our clients needs, people and culture. We use a combination of best-practice theory and the latest developments in the field of leadership development thinking to get everyone really thinking about what they and are not doing that is helping or hindering the team

Marie Willis, co-founder and Director of Lequin

Our unique approach that delivers “purposeful” results

We don’t believe in one-off interventions — but know that change requires incremental micro-steps, wich is applied consistently over time will fundamentally change how people think and work. So our team development sessions work over a period of time – they are not just single flashes of inspiration that are quickly forgotten.

Our sessions get team's really thinking, feeling and doing things differently. We have a focus on the neuroscience of habits and why change is such a challenge.

There are no long lectures — just fresh ideas, insightful conversations and enlightening exercises, including:

  • Disruptive-thinking exercises
  • Physical team systems exercises
  • Instinctive leadership
  • Metaphor, story-telling and debunking leadership myths
  • Music & acting techniques
  • Sharing exercises such as True Colors
  • NLP including reframing & third-party positioning
  • Time-stamping
  • Mindfulness

Important note: All of these are practical and relevant; not games to illustrate a point — they are direct learning experiences.

Totally bespoke and owned by the team

The days are owned by the team. We respond to what you bring, so you get out what you put in. We don’t have a team-building sausage-machine process we put teams through - we bring a fresh and tailored experience that meets the team where it is, and moves it forward from there.

Most importantly, success is measured – not by how “good” the day was – but by what was done differently as a result. Our success criteria are to ensure:

  1. The team has reflected on the mind-set needed
  2. Galvanised around their skill-set
  3. Walked away with a practical action-set

What you can expect

We work flexibly to deliver tailored solutions for each client team, using several different approaches to suit their needs.

  • Working with the team - and especially the team leader - to understand where you are, and where you want to go
  • Delivering inspiring days that lead to lasting change
  • Working with individuals to support their journey
  • Short-sharp team interventions flexibly delivered to react and respond to business needs
  • Team observation session to really get under the skin of the underlying dynamics at play

“Everyone agreed that the team coaching has surpassed our expectations from where we thought we were or could be in the run up to it. I also had some personal moments of insight that were very impactful and I wasn’t expecting.” Exco team member, Skipton Building Society