Our sister company, Unchainyourbrain.org provides video workshops aimed at managers and leaders in business

Our video workshops tackle the most common and difficult tasks almost all our clients face

Peter Willis, co-founder and MD, Lequin Leadership Development

  • We’ve designed e-learning tools to work both as stand-alone training and as part of a classroom-based blended learning projects.
  • Our e-learning can be either instructor-assisted or self-directed learning.
  • We’ve delivered online workshops for intranets and open-access sites. 

We design:

  • Online forums to be used by internal employees to share information and to network
  • Online training videos
  • Video workshops for use on a client's intranet. For example, Lequin worked with BNP Paribas to deliver videos on 'How to complete 360s effectively' and 'How to coach employees through 360s', which were then placed on the company's intranet

Lequin have delivered e-learning for clients in London, Bristol, Swindon, Bath, Paris, Slough, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and throughout the UK and Europe.