In our speed training, we introduce a few key ideas - then we get people on their feet doing exercises, so they experience it first-hand. People leave with real insights and practical take-ways

Sonia Gavira, lead trainer, Lequin Training

Our 90-minute workshops are a great way of getting staff in your organisation up-to-speed with a range of key skills – fast.

Our list of 90 minute workshops

Self belief & self esteem

  • Tackling gremlins & negative self-talk through CBT
  • Saying no! How to be more assertive
  • How to develop a Growth mindset

Energy & focus

  • Getting things done: time management
  • Improved energy & concentration: Nutrition for the workplace
  • Career management: How to take back control of your career 
  • Creative thinking: The art of innovation & problem solving
  • Ending the blame-game: Taking personal responsibility
  • How to deal with stress & build resilience 
  • How to handle change & uncertainty
  • How to be more emotionally intelligent 

Personal branding & personal impact

  • Personal impact: How to stand out & impress
  • Powerful presentations
  • How to make an impact in meetings
  • How to identify values to improve your confidence & decision making
  • How to build your own personal brand

Relationships & communication

  • Tackling unconcious bias and creating diverstiy & inclusion
  • Confident Networking
  • Listen till your ears squeak! How to improve relationships overnight
  • How to have Difficult Conversations (and deal with difficult people)
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Transactional Analysis in the workplace
  • How to build Empathy, Rapport & Trust 
  • Managing Up - how to manage up for better performance
  • How to Win Pitches
  • How to Handle Client Complaints 

Leadership & management

  • From Manager to Leader: How to step up
  • Successful Performance Appraisals
  • Effective Interviewing Skills
  • Giving (and receiving!) feedback
  • When & How to delegate
  • How to run effective meetings (& when not to run meetings)
  • How to support others through change
  • How to share bad news
  • How to identity & better use your leadership style
  • How to manage remote teams
  • How to identify & deal with passive aggressives 


Why our 90-minute workshops work

  • Minimal disruption – at only 90 minutes long, it’s like going to a meeting.
  • Quick and easy to set up and introduce.
  • Highly cost-effective – train large numbers, quickly.Improves staff motivation and the image of L&D / HR – promotes the workplace as energetic and results-driven.

What they said about our speed training workshops

“Loved the speed and delivery – good content too”

"We need more of this trainig in our business"

“Great trainers really brought it all to life!”

“I can’t take a day out the business for training – so this was perfect”