We’ve delivered executive coaching & leadership developpment programmes internationally - from London, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Reading and Swindon to Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Madrid, Moscow, Singapore and Boston - with over 60 of the world’s leading private and public sector organisations, including... 

  • BNP Paribas

    We've run training and executive coaching programmes for BNP Paribas throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

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  • EDF Energy

    One of 3 preferred suppliers providing executive and team coaching

  • BBC

    Lequin ran a team coaching and 121 executive coaching programme for a key department at the BBC

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  • Skipton Building Society

    Working with the ExCo, and other teams, we used our unique team coaching approach to go from good to great

  • Lloyds of London

    Lequin provide one-to-one executive coaching in London and Asia for Lloyds of London's emerging talent and senior leaders

  • BMW

    Working with mangers across the business to run a variety of speed training workshops

  • Clarks

    Lequin provide one-to-one coaching for middle to senior managers in the UK, US and throughout Europe

  • National Australia Bank

    Lequin's executive coaches have coached senior to middle management, and delivered team development and personality profiling

  • BHP Billiton

    Our executive coaches have coached board members and senior managers, and delivered tailored creative-thinking and coaching skills workshops

  • HSBC

    For 6 years Lequin provided training, profiling and executive coaches for HSBC PB's talent pool of 20

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  • Axa

    Lequin provided outplacement support for managers as a result of a restructure in Bristol

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  • Bupa

    We delivered executive coaching skills for managers training for BUPA over an extended period in Bristol and London

  • B&Q

    Assertiveness, presentation, time management, and management skills training plus we provided executive coaches for the board

  • ASDA

    Lequin delivered a change management programme then delivered train the trainer workshops for HR and team leaders so they could deliver internally

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  • Christies

    Work at Christies has included executive coaching in individuals reporting into the US

  • Comet

    Lequin worked as a consultant to design a behavioural framework for Comet

  • Capita

    We've delivered one-to-one coaching and also team training in Jersey

  • Dennis

    Lequin coached all members of the board over a 9 month period and currently coach high potentials at this publishing company in London

  • Ericsson

    Lequin provide executive coaching for Ericsson

  • Equity

    We're run speed training workshops for this insurance company in the UK

  • Debenhams

    We worked with Debenhams to deliver team profiling and team development for a key department

  • Givaudan

    One-to-one coaching for key senior staff

  • GE

    Lequin worked with GE Money to help them strengthen a key client relationship by delivering a series of team interventions

  • Future

    Lequin coached all the board in a 9 month programme before rolling this out to high potentials and coaching on a needs-basis

  • Pepsico

    Lequin have delivered customer service training and team development

  • Lloyds TSB

    We're run client management and team development workshops for Lloyds TSB

  • Segro

    Over a 12-month period 6 of our senior coaches coached the UK board and several high potentials.

  • Somerfield

    Training and coaching for this large retailer

  • RWE

    Training, coaching and team development throughout the RWE businesses

  • The Utility Warehouse

    Time management, interviewing skills, team development and more

  • Thames Water

    A huge coaching for change programme over an 18 month period delivered impressive results

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  • Towers Watson

    One-to-one coaching for key senior staff

  • Zurich

    We ran a series of 90-minute emotional intelligence and TA workshops to improve personal responsibility, relationship management and resilience

  • WWT Wetland Centres

    One-to-one coaching for key staff for this superb charity

  • Thrings

    Coaching for this key solicitors

  • Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

    One-to-one coaching for key senior staff

  • Yell

    One-to-one coaching for key senior staff

  • Avon Fire & Rescue

    We provided team and 121 coaching for the senior management team

  • Npower

    We've run a 12-month mentoring programme, delivered executive coaching skills for managers courses, team development days, team & executive coaching

  • Network N

    One-to-one coaching for the board