We have a new dynamic approach to leaders’ development, founded in our coaching roots. We work over a period of 9-12 months with small groups to peel back layers of conditioning and uncover the authentic leader within.

Lequin's leadership programme was the most innovative and talked about programme we’ve had at the bank. All the participants I’ve spoken with have said that it’s redefined the way we think about leadership, self development and the development of others. A ground-breaking success.

Kellee Perkes, HSBC PB, Head of L&D

Typical issues leaders face, include...

  • A lack of responsibility
  • Siloed thinking
  • Little or no feedback
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Fear of change
  • A fear to be bold
  • A lack of resilience
  • A vision few buy into

The typical reaction to these issues is to fill the skills gap – to overhaul what leaders do and how they do it.

Yet a fill-the-gap programme (comprising a smorgasbord of skilled-based modules) is not a catalyst for true change – it does not truly challenge leaders to think differently.

Something that works & lasts

  • Real, lasting change comes from mindset. This is the seed from which new skills grow and behaviours become truly embedded. And to change how people think, to bring them into their authentic self we need to disrupt their ways of seeing themselves, others and the world in which they operate.
  • When leaders go through our programmes, they're freed up from the fears that hold them back, and they develop the courage, presence, personal responsibility, purpose, and the agile mindset to be world-class. It's in this space that leaders create inspiring visions, lead through others, and help people embrace continual change.

“The lessons I learned occupied my whole person rather than just my head and involved doing things I didn’t think I could do. I really noticed a difference in confidence and optimism about the change ahead.”

How do we do it?

  1. Two-day kick off workshop: We start with a two-day immersive session to reflect on: where they'veve come from; who they're being now; who they've the potential to be. We unpick fears and go deep into what holds them back - giving leaders the freedom to think intuitively.
  2. Small groups We break into small groups, each led by their own coach for a series of themed group coaching interventions. This tales 6 to 9 months.

We use various techniques depending on needs - including acting and instinctive leadership exercises, photography and art, all based on Rogerian philosophy and best-practice management psychology.

“A powerful, inspiring and content rich training that empowers and delights. Without a doubt, the best training I’ve ever enjoyed”

Why is this different?

  • This programme is tailored to your needs - we don't drive leaders through some sheep-dip process as if all leaders needs are the same.
  • We work with your senior team to identify: what you're trying to achieve; the challenges you're facing; and what kind of leadership you need to be stop the same issues derailing your strategy.
  • To assess our programme's effectiveness, we use three to four key KPIs to measure the leaders' progress. We layer in individual and team development goals, so that the leadership programme provides a systemic approach that delivers at the organisational, team and individual level.