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A five module programme using horses, acting, photography, story-telling and music

08 Jan 2024

The five-module programme of engaging activities immerses individuals in a space of self-exploration and personal growth. These activities take leaders on a journey to unfurl their authentic selves – to develop not only a strengths-based skill-set, but a compelling action-set and an agile mindset.

Workshop 1 – Horses & leadership style

Mind games and office politics won’t work on horses, inauthentic behaviour and big egos will be exposed and horses can’t talk!

Working with horses, you must learn the courage to forego the norm and instead use your instincts to feel what’s right. This opens the space for you to explore your values and strengths, to develop your own authentic leadership style – to move away from fear-based performance and the leadership of control to strengths-based acceptance and the leadership of freedom and choice.

“The lessons I learned occupied my whole person rather than just my head and involved doing things I didn’t think I could do. I really noticed a difference in confidence and optimism about the change ahead.”


Workshop 2 – Music & leadership purpose

When we set goals we think about how and what needs to happen. But align goals with why – with a clear purpose – then you’ll start engaging others’ emotionally and inspiring them.

Using music as a tool for emotional self-discovery and expression, this workshop helps you define a clear sense of meaning. And with a clear purpose, you’ll experience how much easier it is to manage your energy, stress levels and develop self-discipline.

Through the workshop’s music exercises, you’ll step back from processes, details, siloes and end-goal mechanical thinking to experience in-the-moment-flow – a fluidity of thought and emotion that brings a deeper connection with yourself and others.

“This highly entertaining day inspired me to get out of my comfort zone…It inspired me to genuinely ask what I stand for.”


Workshop 3 – Story-telling & personal impact

Blame. Inertia. Limiting beliefs. Self-defence mechanisms. Fear. Anxiety. Extrinsic values.

These gremlins run amok in our heads affecting how we feel and behave. They bury our authentic self and define our failure or success – ultimately, they stop us having the impact we want.

Your personal stories and gremlins are captured on paper by a professional illustrator-cartoonist, bringing them to life – a highly illuminating experience. Then through exercises that define the impact you want to have, and what you want to be known for, the day culminates in the production of new, empowering storyboard for participants to keep.


Workshop 4 – Acting & leading others

Because we focus on the process, we struggle to be in the moment. Working with actors using improv exercises, you’re brought back into the present and – to truly collaborate – you must pay complete attention and take risks to go beyond conventional, programmed ways of thinking and behaving.

You’ll learn:

  • when to speak up – even if it’s uncomfortable
  • when to be quiet and let others shine – even if it’s uncomfortable
  • how to take a stand for what you truly believe in
  • how to trust your intuition
  • how to let go of trying to control others and outcomes
  • how to win people over emotionally – not just win arguments

In essence, you’ll leave with a greater awareness of how your interactions with others – your presence – truly shows up.

“A powerful, inspiring and content rich training that empowers and delights. Without a doubt, the best training I’ve ever enjoyed”


Workshop 5 – Photography & leading the business

This workshop ties together the programme by providing you with a clear vision of yourself as an authentic leader – what it feels like, what you stand for, and crucially, what you’re going commit to.

This workshop explores:

  • accountability
  • staying on purpose, even when the goal posts change
  • the agility to lead continual change through others
  • leading through adversity
  • systems-thinking
  • decisiveness
  • commitment through habits

We ensure you leave with not only a solid skill-set, but also an empowering mind-set and a compelling action-set.
And to make this last workshop truly memorable, you’ll transform your learning and vision into a personal photograph to hang on your wall.

“A truly thought-provoking experience. The photography process helped me clarify things on so many different levels.”


E-learning support

The programme is supported by our app, providing you reminders, tasks to build new habits, thought-provoking questions and insights.

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