Parental expectations and coaching - Are you still trying to win your parents’ approval?

Posted 30 Sep 2013

Many parents see their children as an extension of themselves, projecting their unlived ambitions, and using their children to paper over their own insecurities or validate their own ideal self. By doing so, they set themselves up for disappointment when their son or daughter fails to copy the ‘right’ value system, marry the ‘right’ person, go to the ‘right’ college or follow the ‘right’ career path. Our executive coaches do not shy away from discussing such deeply personal issues and at Lequin we believe it's fundamental to helping coachees develop as independence and happy people because for businesses, these often make the most respected leaders of all.

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Are you the mini-me of your mum or dad?

Posted 18 Sep 2013

For some people their ideal self is simply a mini-me of their parents. While some people are happy with this, for most this isn’t their authentic self and it’s not who they want to be. Our executive coaching often explores the expectations set out by our parents and the ways in which they can control our behaviour and careers for good or bad.

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