Winning the lottery – be careful what you wish for!

Posted 09 Sep 2013

“My parents weren’t just poor – they thought and acted poor as well.” John Bird, Founder of The Big Issue. Self image is a key component of our self-belief, and it's one area that Lequin's executive coaching often addresses when dealing with coachees struggling with low self belief.

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Our ‘ideal self’ and the harm it causes

Posted 05 Sep 2013

Almost exclusively, the people we coach, and this includes CEOs and MDs of some of the world’s largest companies, grapple with low self belief and the detrimental effects it has on them. This is why self belief sits at the core of Lequin's Russian Doll coaching model, and why coaching someone to greater self belief can often be the most effective coaching. It is also the most difficult of coaching assignments as low self belief is so entrenched. This piece looks at a key concept of self belief - the ideal self.

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