We deliver completely bespoke team solutions designed to address the team’s mind-set, strengths-set and action-set. We are told by our clients that our approach is very different to “normal” team building activities. It was recently described as “purposeful” and we believe that is because we approach it as real team coaching, where the outcomes are defined and owned by the team.

Building a high-performing team at the BBC A case study

Lequin’s support to our team has helped us to move towards being a high performing team… our team is now a great place to work with trust and support as well as challenge and honesty.

Chris Kane, BBC, London

A key department in the BBC sought help overcoming in-fighting and a lack of direction. The team’s long-term goal was to transform how they interacted with and motivated the rest of the business.

Our ‘systems’ team coaching approach helped members view the team – and their relationships within it – from a third-party perspective. This removed them from rivalry and conflict to an objective standpoint where they could see team – as well as individuals’ – needs.

With this new team mindset, each member also undertook one-to-one coaching to work on individual action points and areas for development from the team events.

Our work developed a clearer sense of purpose and values for the team, a team charter and common goals. This has improved communication, trust and rapport so that open and honest debate is now occurring.