Lequin deliver consulting and soft skills training for change management. In additon to working with employees directly affected by a change, such as a restructure, we train managers to develop the skills and confidence to move their team members along the change curve as effectively as possible.  Our change management training is run by change consultants from the likes of Deloittes. 

Facilitating change at ASDA A case study

Previous internal change initiatives have failed to engage people. Lequin’s team of change consultants helped us get key stakeholders on board and develop a thorough, practical change management training programme.

Director, George (ASDA)

An employee survey had shown a marked drop in employee’s motivation, and Asda engaged Lequin to address the issue and deliver change management. Our change consultants identified a lack of communication and senior-level sponsorship for change as the cause resulting in poor management of the emotional fall-out people suffer during change. We responded by launching a company-wide change management training programme.

In all industries, and especially retail, change is constant. So rather than purely address the recent restructure we launched a programme of training to up-skill managers and employees to better react and deal with any future change. 

We taught key stakeholders the concepts of communication, sponsorship, receptiveness and embedding. In addition to change management training, we delivered train-the-trainer workshops to up-skilled internal ‘change management champions’ and so cut costs on external support.