Lequin deliver coaching masterclass to RWE Generation in Swindon.

Posted 19 May 2019

In May 2019, Lequin delivered the first in a series coaching masterclasses for internal coaching at RWE Generation. The first class was The Psychology of Coaching, which covered common problems that occur in the relationship between coach and coachee, including dependency, projection, transference & countertransference. Participants looked at how to overcome these issues using Carl Rogers' three conditions - conditions are required to create a growth-promoting climate: (1) congruence (genuineness or realness), (2) unconditional positive regard (acceptance and caring), and (3) accurate empathic understanding (an ability to deeply grasp the subjective world of another person).

Lequin to deliver Coaching Masterclasses for internal coaches at RWE Generation

Posted 04 May 2019