Denis Publishing feedback is highly positive

Posted 01 Jan 2009

Lequin have had some excellent feedback on their coaching programme with Denis Publishing in London, UK. “Lequin launched Dennis Publishing’s’ first executive coaching in November 2006. Throughout the planning and implementation phase Lequin worked extremely hard at getting to know the company, its culture and the profile of the individuals concerned so that the objectives of the programme could be met. Since the programme started feedback from participants has been very positive and everyone is gaining both professional and personal reward from the type of coaching and management development that the programme is providing. The quality and standard of learning has been excellent using a variety of techniques and approaches according to the individuals on the programme and all the coaches working with the company have displayed a great deal of commitment and dedication, along with a very flexible approach to the sessions. Lequin have ensured that there has been some tangible effect on the business as a result. It is therefore very likely that Dennis will continue to work with Lequin on an ongoing basis once the programme has finished.” Alison Hunter