Olympic triathlete teams up with Lequin Executive Coaching to launch Triathlon 4 Business

Posted 01 Sep 2006

Olympic triathlete and GB Ironman, Richard Allen, has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading executive coaching companies – Lequin Executive Coaching – to launch a new and unique leadership development programme: Triathlon 4 Business. An open programme, Triathlon 4 Business is a two-day event in which business leaders and managers will be coached through the three disciplines, culminating in a mini-triathlon on the second day. Participants will learn advanced sports psychology; swimming, cycling and running techniques; and undertake group and one-to-one executive coaching sessions, including advanced NLP exercises. The aim of the programme is to improve participants’ focus, decision making, problem solving, commitment, self-belief and self-management – all skills Richard Allen has his spent career developing in order to compete and succeed at the highest level. “If you look at a successful businessman and a successful athlete, they’ve both done a lot of hard work and it’s taken huge commitment, but they also both have great mental strength. Sir Richard Branson and Sir Steve Redgrave share that.” Richard Allen, Olympic triathlete and UK Ironman. The partnership with Lequin Executive Coaching will ensure leaders take key skills back into business. “There’s so much we in business can learn from elite sports, yet it’s always limited to seminars and talks by sportsmen and women. By actually getting out there and competing the learning becomes much more embedded. It’s action not words, and that’s when people really change.” Peter Willis, Lequin Executive Coaching. The first two-day event will be launched in October, 2006 in Bath, UK.