Posted 05 Dec 2005

Thames Water has launched a new coaching strategy and has employed local company, Lequin Executive Coaching as preferred supplier to coach and train its leaders. This is a long-term commitment by Thames Water to create a world-class coaching culture. The purpose of these coaching programmes is to develop in-house coaching capability while providing exceptional coaching support for leaders in the business. Thames Water's approach includes: Executive Leadership Coaching; Team Coaching; Development Coaching; and Coaching Skills Training for Managers. They will be under the direct management of Head of Organisational Development for Europe, Andrea Grist. Andrea Grist, Head of Organisational Development for Europe, Thames Water: 'The development of the coaching strategy represents another building block to developing a high performance culture. The focus on people and leadership is one of Thames Water's strategic pillar, enabling the UK business to achieve its goals of being one of the UK’s leading water and waste water company. I've been leading the work on identifying the strengths and risk areas across our management population. The coaching framework I've developed is part of a range of targeted development activities aimed at bringing real behavioural change in managers, ands equipping them with the coaching skills needed to support all our people. I chose Lequin because as a specialist coaching company they can truly focus on integrating coaching within the business and offer a range of trained, highly professional coaches'. Lequin Executive Coaching is delivering one-to-one coaching, team coaching, and coaching skills training. Marie Willis, Head Coach and founder of Lequin executive Coaching: 'It's an incredibly exciting to be working on such an ambitious project. We've already started the team coaching, and the managers at Thames Water have really brought into the process. The teams are already very successful, but our role is to help them adapt to change and make them the very best. We're helping the teams develop a shared vision, understand each other's values and drivers, address specific issues and improve team dynamics, all within the parameters of Thames Water's key success criteria. And our business is really beginning to take off as clients begin to realise the amazing changes in attitude, motivation and skills that our coaching brings." This project is another in a long list of recent business wins for Lequin Executive Coaching. Current clients include Future Publishing, BBC, and Axa Sunlife.