Posted 01 Feb 2005

Bath based Future Publishing in the UK has now completed a six-month executive coaching programme for their top 36 senior managers, including the board. It is an investment that has improved their leaders' personal skills, commitment and motivation. The coaching programme was run and managed by Lequin Executive Coaching. Over the past six months, Bath company, Future Publishing UK has been growing through acquisitions. With these changes the Bath company Future identified a need for consistent and best-practice management. They employed Lequin Executive Coaching to deliver a programme of one-to-one executive coaching. 36 of Future's senior managers took part in an initial 360 analysis, which identified each individual's areas for improvement against Future's management competencies. There followed six months' one-to-one coaching with Lequin Executive Coaching's top five coaches. Each coachee met with their coach at the Future offices twice a month for a two-hour session. In order for Future's HR department to track the progress there were regular feedback questionnaires, a second 360, and facilitated group meetings. One Publishing Director at Future Publishing had this to say of the coaching: "Coaching has definitely helped me focus very clearly on using and developing my strengths to achieve the organisational objectives; in understanding how to make better use of key skills like communicating, influencing and leading; and to become a ‘director’ in the truest sense of the word – offering clear direction to my team in order to achieve objectives." On a company-wide perspective, Robert Price, Managing Director, Future Publishing Bath: "The investment we have made in coaching has led to a substantial improvement in quality and style of management in the business, and in my opinion, improvement in commercial performance. It's been a highly productive process, which we intend to continue with." Gillian Pears, HR, Future Publishing Bath: "As a result (of the coaching programme) we've improved management effectiveness across the whole company. It's unleashed even more potential in already high performers, and given those with performance issues intensive support and a safe forum in which to improve. I'd definitely recommend it." Marie Willis, MD, Lequin Executive Coaching: "All the managers at Future, even those who were initially sceptical about the coaching process, have really enjoyed the process, and we've seen some astonishing changes to their outlook and performance. I think a lot of managers don’t get direct feedback, and there are few people they can discuss sensitive issues with or use as a sounding board. So to have someone they can talk things through with and to listen to them without judgement is very empowering for them. In essence, we help leaders focus on what's really important, to think more positively, and to motivate them to achieve their goals. We bring out their full potential. Our business is really beginning to take off as clients begin to realise the amazing changes in attitude, motivation and skills that our coaching brings."