Lequin run both off-site and on-site team interventions.

We’ve worked with dysfunctional to high performing teams and helped teams from a wide range of organisations including Pepsico, GE Money, Debenhams, Asda, BNP Paribas, RWE npower, and Thames Water in Swindon, Reading, London, Birmingham, Bath, and Bristol.

We provide:

  • team away-days
  • team coaching
  • team meeting facilitation

Team away-days

We don’t do raft-building exercises or gimmicks – our team workshops use team coaching and an approach that's results-orientated, practical and effective.

We design each team workshop to move teams towards its goals – and if the team needs help deciding these, we can help there too. We’ve helped teams come closer together, communicate and work more effectively together towards common goals.

Team coaching

We use traditional team coaching and systems coaching to help teams. A session might form part of an away-day or a stand-alone two-hour meeting delivered on-site.

Meeting facilitation

Our meeting facilitation helps clients keep their meetings goal-orientated and effective. We ensure that everyone is heard, constructive debate is open and honest, and measurable actions captured.

We’ve facilitated team meetings when:    

  • team members with stronger personalities are dominating proceedings
  • team members made up exclusively of strong personalities and big egos come together
  • team managers are failing to engage their teams
  • teams undergoing change need help building a team structure and charter, brainstorming ideas and building strategy