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Empowering everyone (not just managers) to take on change

15 Aug 2013

Viral change is an interesting idea for if orgnisations are to empower everyone in an organisation to deal with change, and indeed welcome and champion it, then viral change has much to recommend it.

Traditional change programmes promote top-down change solutions. And while leadership sponsorship is key to the success of change in an organisation, ‘viral change’ can be spread quickly and efficiently not by a top-down, push from management but by the behaviours of individuals and small groups. It is change as a ‘pull’ effect, a ‘social contagion’, where leaders provide the back-stage support.

There are 5 principles of viral change:

  1. There can be no change without behavioural change
  2. Peer-to-peer influence – this is far more influential than talks from board members
  3. Informal social networks – change does not occur through committee meetings
  4. Stories – these spread change and must be positive
  5. Leadership – ‘backstage’ & ‘distributive’ leadership supports employees

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