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Leadership training tips - The 5 reasons people and teams find it difficult to overcome problems

23 Sep 2013

By asking yourself what’s behind the problem you get to the real issue, and this is a key step to energy-saving problem solving.

There are five reasons why we find it difficult to overcome problems: control; inertia; blame; faking-it; and procrastination.

1. Control

If you're taking responsibility for things that should lie with someone else, it’s because you don't trust them to do their job. So the real issue is how you can trust them more. Trying to control a situation that’s out of your control creates problems for yourself.  Ask yourself: 

  • Am I taking responsibility for something that’s not mine to take?
  • Am I missing the bigger picture – do I need input from others?
  • How would things change if I believed every option can have a positive outcome – even if I can't imagine what that might be right now?

2. Inertia

Sometimes we may actually gain something from being stuck, and unconsciously want you to stay stuck! So ask yourself? 

  • What are the benefits for me being stuck?
  • What facts or perspectives can I avoid if I stay stuck?
  • How could I reframe the problem so I can start addressing at least part of it?

3. Blame

When you blame others you give away your power to take control of the outcome – yet the problem still remains.  Ask yourself:

  • In what way am I part of the problem? E.g. if you’re in a team and it’s underperforming, then you’re part of the problem.
  • Am I hiding behind judgements of myself and others? Remove your judgements, and you’ll see the problem for what it really is.

4. Faking-it

When we try to be something we’re not, we ignore our own needs by putting others’ expectations first. Ask yourself:

  • Am I seeking approval or recognition from others?
  • Am I holding back my true views or feelings?
  • If I knew I were "good enough" already, what actions would I take?

5. Procrastination

Procrastination drains your energy pot.  The ‘ideal’ time is simply never going to arrive – what you have right now is your opportunity. Ask yourself:

  • In what way is the current situation absolutely perfect? Think, see and say positive things and your emotional state will change for the better.
  • What can I do to make a difference? Focus on the small steps not the whole.
  • What attitude do I want to choose? Look for the opportunity, not the chance to complain.


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