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Speed Coaching service to provide practical, cost-effective and just-in-time coaching solution

04 Mar 2018

Lequin is providing a one-off, just-in-time executive coaching service for the corporate market.  Our ‘Speed coaching’ is responding to a need that many of our clients have voiced for a responsive, practical and cost effective coaching service.

So, an employee may feel the need to be coached about a pressing matter, such as an up-and-coming presentation, a stress-related issue or to sound out ideas before an important meeting. Rather than wait a month for a formal coaching session – or they feel that it is not something they want to discuss with an internal coach – the employee can request a one-off coaching session. This can booked for the very next day.

How does Speed Coaching work?

  1. The employee decides they need a coaching session. They can request a one-off session for a time to suit – even the next day. (For next-day coaching, the request to Lequin must be emailed before 3pm.)
  2. Lequin confirms – by 6pm on the day of the request – the time slot and date together with the name and telephone number of the coach.
  3. The coachee calls the coach at the agreed time and date. The coaching session last 60 minutes.

How is Speed Coaching similar to – and differ from – standard coaching sessions?

  • The coaching content with Speed Coaching tends to be skills-based and tactical – rather than transformational and strategic.
  • The coaching is with an external coach – not an internal coach – so confidentialty is not an issue.
  • The coaching is via the telephone – not face-to-face.
  • Because there is no coachee-coach matching process, the coaching can begin start away.

What does it cost?

Each 60-minute session is £375 + VAT.

How do Lequin’s coaches compare to other coaches?

All Lequin coaches have:

  • MCC or PCC Level ICF accreditation.
  • At least 7 year’s corporate experience in a global multinational prior to becoming full-time coaches.
  • At least 6 year’s executive coaching experience with coachees in multinationals.

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