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Body language tips for leaders and managers

19 May 2014

A number of our clients have asked us to incorporate some very basic tips into our management training workshops.

Here are some you'll no doubt have come acorss and hopefully a few new ones:

  • Tilting the head slightly to one side indicates active listening
  • Nodding also indicates listening and says ‘I understand you’
  • Two ears – one mouth – use them in that proportion (listen twice as much as you speak)
  • Smile if the subject is not serious
  • Eye contact – look between the eyes at the centre point between the eyebrows
  • If seated, keep hands still and folded in lap
  • If standing, keep hands relaxed and in front
  • When sitting, wagging your foot or knees, as does fidgeting – suggests impatience
  • Cross-arms – defensive stance
  • Looking down or away or worst of all at your watch says ‘You’re not interesting’
  • Touching the ear suggests dishonesty
  • Too much touching of the face says ‘I’m nervous’
  • When standing, putting your hands behind the back saying I’m hiding something
  • When standing, avoid holding a folder or drink in front of you as this creates a barrier – instead, hold to one side

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